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Distance and Displacement

Distance and Displacement

Distance and displacement are the basic concepts of physics that every student should know. Students have a lot of options to study smart science from educational apps. It is a commonly asked question in science exams about distance and displacement. Students should know the difference between distance and displacement properly. These are two multitudes that appear to be the same but have solely distinct meanings.

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Students should not be confused about their meanings while studying. Distance is the measure of how much area an object has crossed during its motion while displacement refers to the evaluation of how far the object has reached from a certain point. Distance is the overall movement of an object from one point to another, regardless of the direction, it is moving. When the position of the object is changed and it reaches another point, the change in the position of an object is called displacement. This is a vector multitude that has direction as well as dimension. It is displayed as an arrow pointing from the start position to the end position. For example, when an object moves from position A to position B,  the object’s position changes. This change that takes place while reaching point A to B by the object is known as displacement. It is an easy concept so students should learn the differences in points for the B. Ed exam Books. Write the difference between them with diagrams to explain this concept properly. 

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