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Discuss the role of information technology in education and business

Discuss the role of information technology in education and business

The 21st century is the era of information and technology. Nowadays, each and every aspect of our life is connected to some kind of IT. That being said, it is important to discuss the role of information technology in education and business.

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The usage of IT emerging in all walks of life. However, the use of information and technology is spreading its impact in every field of life. However, it impacts significantly the field of education and it is to make the learning process interesting as well as successful. Information-rich society needs to promote new practices and paradigms for the progress of education where the teacher needs to play the new role of coaching, mentoring and helping students with their studies rather than to play the conventional role instead of deliberately spoon-feeding in the classrooms. Students can learn on their own at their own pace by making use of a wide choice of program selection and access to information. Students can be involved in skill-oriented activities as part of group learning environments for accumulating knowledge. They can interact and share learning experiences with teachers and student fellowship learners, taking part in knowledge construction as well as the dissemination process. They can receive and make use of information of all kinds in a more constructive and productive profession instead of depending upon the teacher. Students learn both from the teacher as well as along with the teacher and by interacting with one another. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, students can learn much more than what the teacher teaches in conventional learning environments. For the proper functioning of the teaching-learning process for teachers and the need to have to use information technologies as per their requirements and availability.

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