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अनुशासन – Discipline

The word discipline(अनुशासन) refers to teaching people to follow the rules. In other words, it is the action done according to a particular system of governance. It helps to regulate the behavior according to the environment and society to which they belong.

The word discipline(अनुशासन) has a different meaning in the professional and academic world. Here the word refers to the specific branch of learning, knowledge, or practice.

Several groups see it as a moral obligation. In schools, students are being taught to be in the discipline(अनुशासन). Many organizations take strict disciplinary actions if people do not follow the rules. Many people follow self-discipline to create new habits. In the military, it helps to train people to keep order and obey rules.

In many religious systems, it is an important principle. Techniques like time management, responsibility, yearly school planning in schools, corporal punishment, etc., is there to instill discipline. It can be positive or negative. Positive means rewarding someone for disciplined behavior. 

Negative is giving punishment for undisciplined behavior or when a person does not follow the rules or guidelines. It can be easily understood by this example. Many schools use the army-style drill to instill fear in students. It should spring from a place of security and not fear and that’s when someone would be disciplined in life.

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