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Disaster Management ppt

Disaster management ppt should be used by teachers to teach students about this topic thoroughly. Disaster management is the process of preserving lives and property during natural or man-made disasters. Multi-layered disaster management systems handle floods, storms, fires, utility outages, disease outbreaks, and droughts.

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Both natural and man-made disasters necessitate disaster management. The new strategy is based on the notion that development cannot be sustained without consideration of mitigation. Mitigation must be multidisciplinary, involving all development sectors, according to another tenet of the approach.

The new strategy is also founded on the idea that mitigation is considerably more cost-effective than relief and rehabilitation. Because disasters disproportionately affect the poor, who make up the bulk of India’s population, disaster management ppt is an important part of the country’s policy framework. At the national, state, and district levels, the roadmap has defined and described the expected inputs, areas of intervention, and entities to be involved. The blueprint has been distributed to all state governments and union territory authorities. Part of catastrophe management includes identifying and treating cause variables. It entails determining a classroom community‘s ability to withstand a disaster as mentioned in the Disaster and classroom management ppt. 

Some areas are more vulnerable than others. For example, poorer places have fewer resources to prepare for a storm or recover from flood damage.

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