Dimensions of Learning

Dimensions of learning is a systematic structure of instructional planning of lesson that mainly focus on learning. This framework has been customized to achieve some important parameters in learning. 

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The first one is for creating teaching strategies that led to encouragement in students into curious and meaningful education. The second is to provide ways and options for connecting the instructional models. Last step is integrating the planning and the research on teaching and learning.

As per the dimensions of learning, whenever you decide on the curriculum, you must consider these five learning characteristics.

The first dimension is to stay positive, keep your mind energized, and surrounded by the positive vibes, and perception towards learning new things. To effectively and efficiently use the knowledge, you need to learn with an open mind.

The second dimension of learning is to acquire and integrate knowledge. Take every bit of information available to you in any form and integrate it as per your way for your benefit.

The third dimension is always to be ready to extend and refine knowledge. Knowledge never gets old; it just gets updated. So keep your brain prepared for new information in any domain.

The fourth dimension is to use knowledge meaningfully. Knowledge can be used in both dangerous and harmless ways. So it’s up to your way of thinking to use the information in a beneficial form.

The fifth dimension is to train your mind with productive habits. 

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