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Ideas for digital teachers to Enhance  Online Learning Experience of Students

Online teaching has become the growing face of the Indian Education System today. The increased popularity of online teaching courses can be partly attributed to the nationwide shutdown of educational institutions in response to the coronavirus pandemic which resulted in millions of students and digital teachers getting locked out of the classrooms. Online classes provide many advantages over traditional offline classrooms like the flexibility of teaching and learning from anywhere at any time, availability of recorded lectures, interactive and engaging study material, and likewise. However, there are a couple of things that digital teachers must keep in mind to ensure high student achievement in their online classes. In this article, we present you with important information which will help you as a digital digital digital teacher in enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes in your online classroom. So, without further ado, let us begin….

Make ample use of technology-

A digital teacher must acclimatize himself to all the technical functionalities of any teaching app he is using for teaching online. You must be a curious learner before you can excel in your role as a digital teacher. Some effective ways to utilize technology in your class include the use of digital whiteboards, online teaching through mobile, screengrab, and other classroom management tools like automated attendance, automatic fee collection system, and other assisting tools which save your time and energy. Moreover, online teaching platforms provide the flexibility to design courses that include various media types like audio, video, image, text, and likewise. Comprehensive content designed with a blend of all types of media is a great way of enhancing interactivity and learning outcomes in your online class. 

Provide Personalized attention-

Every student is unique in himself, with unique requirements, skills, strong and weak areas, and grasping power. The role of the teacher is to create an understanding of the concepts in the mind of every student. Therefore, a digital digital digital teacher must design courses that take into account a wide variety of learning styles and furthermore provide individualized support to every student as and when required. In an online class, a digital teacher can check upon every student by allowing them to chat or message with them about any questions or issues that they might have. Alternatively, digital teachers can dedicate some time each week to video call each student inquiring about their concerns or issues with anything related to the class. Such interactions apart from helping students, also help the digital teachers know about the understanding and academic performance of each student in their online class. 

Work closely with guardians-

As remote learning prevents any physical interaction of the digital teacher with their student success, the importance of parents’ involvement in their child’s academic achievement has increased. Periodic feedback with guardians is integral to the class performance of the student. Moreover, parents may provide valuable insights into the learning behavior of their children. The requirements of online learning equipment and setup and other stationery must also be conveyed to the parents by you. In this time of remote learning, since parents have an immediate presence close to the student, students naturally depend a lot more on them to get their doubts resolved. Therefore, it is your role as a digital teacher to maintain regular communication with parents for them to be able to help the students in a better way. 

Encourage group activities and collaboration-

Students don’t just need academic knowledge. Social skills are becoming an increasingly important skill for employability. Educational institutions must hone the social skills of their students. Even though it may seem counterintuitive to some, online teaching apps provide an excellent platform for socialization and group activities. digital teachers can organize students into online study groups or in teams for online group projects. 

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Regular Student Feedback-

Students require regular and timely feedback regarding their class performance. Timely feedback is vital for boosting student morale and learning outcome. Irregular and delayed feedback, on the other hand, can be disastrous for student engagement and morale and by extension, to your teaching goals. Therefore, you must ensure that each student is provided timely feedback regarding his performance in your class. 

These are some tips that will help you in meticulously carrying out your role of digital teacher in an online teaching classroom. Improving the online learning experience of your students will invariably lead to high student achievement and more success to you as a digital teacher. 

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