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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling tells a story beautifully digitally. It takes the storytelling tradition a level up with text, images, audios, and videos.

However, digital storytelling does not deviate from traditional storytelling; the focal point is on a specific topic. There is a systematic process to this type of storytelling, which includes scriptwriting at an initial point. Then the process includes collecting media assets, designing a storyboard, and drafting. Finally, the artist can publish and share their work across the world. Teachers use this type of storytelling to convey difficult concepts in an easier fashion. Storytelling is a proven, effective method of teaching.

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Digital storytelling makes the whole process of telling a story with videos, appropriate images and sound, narrations, and dubbing more entertaining and informative. Time length can vary as per the message it contains. Typically educational storytelling videos do not last more than 10 minutes. It appeals to the auditory learners and visual learners alike. There is a vast range of storytelling topics going from folk tales to animal life to unknown facts of the universe to historical events to whatever you like to watch or tell. 

The benefit of this type of storytelling is that you can create your piece of work in your way and share it across the world from just your place. With the advancement of digital technologies and media, many digital storytelling platforms are available with the best features and tools. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology