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Digital Divide

The digital divide is a term used to describe the gap between the people who can access and leverage the internet and those who cannot. It means the gap between the demographics that have access to technology versus those who don’t. It includes access to a telephone, television, internet, etc.

The digital divide mostly exists between the rural and urban areas, nations, demographies, etc.

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The achievement gap is because of the rise in services like video conferencing, high-speed internet, high-quality connections, etc. And since the less-served side does not have proper access to it or cannot afford it, the gap exists. 

To close this digital divide, efforts need to be put to provide access to the internet, various applications, and service to the people. Slowly people, even people from lower-income groups, are adopting smartphones, learning how to use the online tools, and getting aware of digitalization. And, this is a step towards closing the gap. The digital divide springs up as an issue when education moves online. That’s how you can ace online teaching with Teachmint, which uses minimal internet becomes significant.

Eliminating the divide will improve the literacy rate, promote economic growth, equality, and create a healthy environment. It will help in the overall development and growth of the country.

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