Digital board for teaching

Digital teaching or online learning as we know it popularly, has always been a part of education but has been celebrated only after the emergence of a pandemic. Over the years, all institutions students and teachers have adapted to a more technological approach towards learning and it is common for teachers to now use a digital board for teaching.

What is a digital board and how can we use it for teaching?

Synonymously known as a whiteboard or a smart board, a digital board is an advanced technology that can improve the quality of learning by using some advanced features to view images, videos, detailed charts, and many more interactive aspects. students can focus much better on a digital board that has a greater capacity to transfer information through its visual features. With a digital board for teaching educators can organise a class much better offering a wide range of learning materials or resources for students to pick from. 

For example in elementary levels of learning students need to focus more but also have very short attention spans. With a digital board for teaching they can lock their eyes on the screen. It is designed to intrigue the viewers. Similarly, for higher grades, teachers can fit in more information into a class with a slide show video or learning material that does not require writing but only presenting.

What are the best features of a digital board?

  • A touch screen display is probably the best feature because touch-based interaction allows educators to write, draw and interact with the students in any form through the screen. All they need is a stylus.
  • By connecting a board with other devices like a laptop tablet and even mobile phone, students can look up any sort of digital content required for learning.
  • Connecting devices without the Internet is not of much use hence having online access capacity a digital board can be used with cloud-based applications also to store lessons.
  • Because of the high interactive capacity, a lesson becomes much more engaging with the digital board for teaching.

Using a digital board for teaching might be difficult for educators if they are not familiar with technology. However, it might not take them much time to become familiar with the device given how easy it can be to create a dynamic and productive lesson plan for their students.

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