Digital Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard

A digital Whiteboard is very useful for all the teachers doing online teaching. It has a two-dimensional display space that uses digital design. In the physical classroom, whiteboards have markers to write the content while in the online classroom teachers have varieties of tools to make the online class more interesting and easy to understand. If you are having a computer, laptop, or projector, you can connect the digital whiteboard to them.

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There is no problem in writing, it is relatively easier than writing on the traditional whiteboards in the offline and general classes. It allows many people to engage in collaborative activities, you can use the touchscreen to write the content. It helps teachers to explain topics in the online class, it will display whatever is shown on the screen. It is comparatively more interactive than other teaching devices, students can understand clearly and in a better way. Teachers can write their thoughts on the screen, students will read them to understand the topic. Teachers can also use whiteboards to create groups and many activities. The features of a digital whiteboard are a web browser, audio, speakers, wireless screen sharing option, teachers can write the content and erase it whenever they want. Overall it can be said that digital whiteboards are very beneficial for teachers to teach in online classes. Teachers can make use of digital whiteboards to save the work of students, use the web, keep the class interesting, can make use of colors to make it look interesting. 

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