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Difference Between Osmosis and Diffusion

Before knowing the difference between both of them students should know the meaning of diffusion and osmosis. What is diffusion? The movement of particles in the presence of a concentration gradient is called diffusion, it is a vital process that occurs in all living things. What is osmosis? Osmosis is a sedentary process that occurs without the need for any energy. Transfers molecules from a higher concentration (study smart) to a lower concentration area. Osmosis can occur in any solvent, including gases and supercritical liquids. When a substance is put in a hypotonic solution, the solvent particles travel into the cell, causing the cell to become turgid, this learning resources process is known as endosmosis. When a material is placed in a hypertonic solution, the solvent molecules escape the cell, causing the cell to become flaccid or plasmolyzed, this is called Exosmosis. 

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There are two types of transport systems for incorporating the flow of molecules into and out of the cell: osmosis and diffusion. Osmosis and diffusion are both used by a cell for passive transportation because they do not require any additional energy to work like in fascinated transportation.
The medium in which diffusion and osmosis are used is the most substantial difference between the two. Osmosis can not work in any other medium except liquid medium while diffusion can happen in any of the three mediums. In addition, osmosis requires a semi-permeable membrane, whereas diffusion does not need it. When a drop of food coloring is dropped into a glass of water, diffusion occurs, and the entire water content gets colored.

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