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Difference between Growth and Development

There is a difference between growth and development, they are not the same. Students should know the difference between growth and development. The evolution of a person’s age, height, weight, habits, and so on is referred to as growth. In biology, growth is defined as a change in the size of an organ or cell. The human organism’s primary function is to grow. Plants have a limitless capacity for growth. On the other hand, development is defined as the process through which a person develops in response to physical, environmental, and social factors. Plant growth regulators are a collection of hormones that work together to regulate plant growth. These are some of the factors that have an impact on plant growth. Read Maslow’s hierarchy theory.

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Humans, plants, and animals all go through stages of development and growth. A creature’s ability to sustain its living environment is aided by growth and development. Parents can build and apply a behavioural evaluation plan based on their child’s mental and cognitive abilities. A physical change that increases in size is characterised as growth. Students should focus on increasing their knowledge for growth and sustainable development. The difference between growth and development is asked in exams. Students should know at least 4 differences to score full marks in this question.

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