Difference Between College And University

It is quite common to see people get confused over the difference between college and university. This is because they are both higher education institutions and people often confuse the two. However, the difference between college and university can be understood quite easily in the following way:

Colleges are generally smaller in size compared to universities. Due to their small size, colleges offer limited research options to students who want to pursue higher education. A university however could be home to several colleges that function on or off the campus. They are vast in size and offer a number of choices to its students. Universities may also have multiple schools within their campus, such as a School of Arts, a School of Music, and a School of Architecture among others.

A college offers UG and associate degrees because of the availability of limited courses but the university, on the other hand, is home to several faculties and departments that offer students all the major degrees including UG and PG degrees that lead to a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. It is also important to note that because of the limited resources offered by a college, it is comparatively cheaper to enroll in a college compared to a university. The fee structure of the latter is much higher because of the number of facilities and programs available to the students.

Not all colleges offer students professional degrees, but all universities offer them – they may even provide integrated programs where a student can pursue a UG degree along with a PG degree in a reduced amount of time, a facility that can be rarely found in a college. 

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