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Difference Between Blood and Lymph

The basic difference between blood and lymph are as follows. These are the circulating fluids of the animal body, blood is part of the circulatory system while lymph is part of the lymphatic system. Blood helps carry oxygen throughout the body to different parts and organs with the help of pigments, so they can be different colors in different animals because pigments are not always the same. Whereas lymph is a colorless liquid, mainly found in the intercellular spaces of tissues. While lymph has white blood cells and fluid. Both have immune and circulatory functions in them. One of the key differences between them is that blood circulates in blood vessels and lymph circulates in lymphatic vessels.

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As a good science teacher, you would have to teach about blood circulation. Blood is the circulating fluid in an animal’s body, it helps to transport oxygen, nutrients, and metabolic wastes to different parts of the body. It is mainly made up of blood cells, which are red and white blood cells suspended in plasma. Red blood cells contain an iron-containing protein inside them, which helps transport oxygen. Lymph is another type of circulating fluid in an animal’s body, it travels through the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels. That is, the fluid found in the interstitial spaces of all tissues in the body is collected by the lymphatic capillaries. Lymph carries back excess protein and interstitial fluid into the bloodstream. It also carries fats in the blood in the form of chylomicrons. Hope that all the students must have understood the basic difference between blood and lymph and also how to measure using a clinical thermometer

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