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Difference between BE and BTech

After the completion of school, students are very keen on choosing the right engineering course for themselves and they gradually start searching for it on the internet. That is when they come across Bachelor of Engineering BE and Bachelor of Technology BTech. This can cause some confusion in students, so understanding the difference between BE and BTech is quite important.

The first difference between BE  and BTech lies in what is implied by the name itself. BTech is associated with technology while BE is associated with the fundamentals of Engineering. In the latter, the subjects are associated with technology and the technical aspects of the concepts related to it while in BE, the subjects are linked with the theoretical aspect of the topics of engineering.

Even though the two degrees are considered to be equivalent, another difference between BE and BTech is the study pattern. BTech is focused more on practical implementation while BE focuses more on theoretical knowledge.

Another problem with this field is that most students don’t know which branch of engineering to choose, which will decide their future career prospects. Read this blog get an idea about the best engineering branch for you.

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