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Difference between Acid and Base

Difference between Acid and Base

Before knowing the difference between acid and base students study smart should know the definition of acid and base. H positive ions are dissociated when an acid is dissolved in water. A compound that is ionizable when dissolved in its molten state, dissociates entirely into ions. Some of the examples of semi supervision of acids that students should remember are HCl, NaCl, and more. 

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OH negative is dissociated when a base is dissolved in water. Some of the examples of bases are calcium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and more. Compounds that transfer a hydrogen ion (H+) to another chemical are known as acids (usually called a base). Traditionally, an acid was defined as a chemical molecule that, when dissolved in water, generates a solution with a lower hydrogen ion activity than pure water. An alkali, on the other hand, is a soluble base. Salts are formed when volatile liquids (acids) are combined with particular compounds. Because the generated salts would form a concrete base, they were dubbed bases. H+ donors are usually acids, while H+ acceptors are bases. The chemical entity that, when decomposed in water, creates a solution with more hydrogen ion activity than distilled water is contemplated as an acid. An aqueous base is a material that may absorb hydrogen ions. Acids can appear solid, liquid, or gaseous depending on the temperature. It would have a sour taste to it as well. In quality, bases would be lubricated and hefty (except for ammonia, which is gaseous). Students must have understood the difference between Acid and Base. 

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