Diagnostic Evaluation

In simple terms, diagnostic evaluation means to diagnose or discover the students’ difficulties while learning and assess the problem accurately. A diagnostic test is performed to disclose weaknesses and strengths to themselves. This evaluation helps the student in knowing their personality, their weak points. This will further help them to understand what kind of a learner they are and how they should approach learning.

Not only for students but for anyone who wants to diagnose himself/herself performance with its cause can make the best use of this evaluation concept. This evaluation is the best tool for teachers. They use it when students continuously face trouble in learning. It also let them know their teaching level. Not only for learners but performers also diagnostic evaluation is of great benefit.

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The priority for which diagnostic evaluation is performed is to get into the root cause of the problem and find an accurate remedy. It’s a wrong assumption that repeatedly teaching the same lesson will make the student understand much better. Instead of focusing on making students understand, teachers must understand and diagnose the cause of students not grasping the information. For this teacher must carry out the said evaluation and take remedial actions.

After diagnosing the error, the student must not be left unattended. Proper remedial instruction must be provided for the betterment of the circumstances.

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