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Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessment is done at the beginning of the course. It is a pre-assessment where the teachers evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and various other skills, of a student before starting a course. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the fee management system for efficient school management.

Every student is different. So, an identical balanced assessment is given after the instructions to check if the student has understood and met the course’s objectives. This helps teachers to come up with strategies and techniques that would help students to learn and understand better.

The diagnostic assessment helps in providing meaningful instructions to the students by analyzing individually. It is a perfect tool for the teachers to understand the student and their knowledge regarding a particular topic.

It is done before starting and at the end of a course. The pre-course and post-course assessments for learning are compared, and the area of improvement can be checked. This helps in meeting the needs of the students and also filling gaps in the learning process.

The goal of diagnostic assessment is to snapshot where the student stands currently, in terms of academics, other skills, etc. It helps the educator or instructor to modify or tailor the instructions accordingly. It helps in deciding how to teach a particular course to a student to understand and learn properly.

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