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DET Full Form

DET Full Form 

DET Full Form stands for Department of Education and Training. This is a broad term that is used to refer to the department of education in a country. It not only comprises the departments and organizations under the government that govern education but also includes all the government schemes and training programs they offer.  Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the fee management system for efficient school management.

Such a department as such does not exist in India, but rather comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. The main objectives of such an organization would be as follows:

  • Formulating the National Policy on Education and ensuring that it is implemented in its true sense and spirit
  • Planning development, including expanding access and improving the quality of the educational institutions throughout the country, including in the regions where people do not have easy access to education.
  • Paying special attention to disenfranchised groups like the poor, females, and the minorities
  • Providing financial help in the form of scholarships, loan subsidies, etc to deserving students from deprived sections of society.
  • Empowering international cooperation in the field of education, which includes working closely with the UNESCO and foreign governments, and several different Universities, to improve the educational opportunities in the country.

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