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Demonstration Method

In the method of teaching through the demonstration method, students are set up to conceptualize class material more effectively. A demonstration is often required when students have a hard time connecting the theory they learn to actual practice or when they are unable to understand the application of those theories. Understand and digitize school operations with Teachmint and its features like the school ERP software for efficient school management.

Teachers not only use the demonstration method to teach concepts within the classroom with specific intent, but they can also participate in demonstration classes to help improve their own strategies, which may or may not be demonstrative. Even though the literature is limited, studies show that the effects of demonstration class teachers include: 

  • A change of perspective with respect to students
  • More reflection on the teachers’ own classroom strategies, and
  • More personal responsibility for student learning

A demonstration can possibly be used in the portrayal of ideas like defining words. 

In the initial stages, simple observation and communication through pointing to an area, place, or object, like the sun, moon, or a large mountain, occurs. After this, basic definitions of words start to arise. These definitions allow people to interact, communicate, coordinate, and plan in ways that help them gain knowledge, successfully communicate with computers and build cities, large buildings, and technology. Furthermore, basic concepts that revolve around time, space, and mathematics are required to be demonstrated and taught probable theories that describe universal phenomena accurately such as planets, species, nature, and the world around us.

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