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Deemed University

Deemed university, also known as a deemed-to-be-university, is the accreditation granted by the DHE (Department of Higher Education) to India’s higher educational institutes. This status is granted under MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) by the advice of UGC (University Grant Commission).

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In India, there are 130 deemed universities, with Tamil Nadu having the highest, i.e., 28. The deemed university enjoys full autonomy. It has the independence to design the course, decide the fee structure, and policies related to admission.

Another advantage is that they can conduct their exams and have the right to decide whether to grant the degree to the student or not.

Deemed universities enjoy the status and privileges of a university. They have a base of students. Their courses are designed based on the current industry trends, job trends, and the student’s future. They have all the facilities and infrastructure to support the advanced course they offer and nurture their students’ dreams.

Deemed universities teach the current trends and are a good repository of the latest education and research. The advanced infrastructure and latest syllabus details or courses easily justify the higher fees they charge. “An Institution of Higher Education, other than universities, working at a very high standard in a specific area of study, can be declared by the Central Government on the advice of the University of Grants Commission.

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