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DEC Full Form

The DEC full form stands for Distance Education Council. It was a council responsible for maintaining the status of open learning and distance education since 1985. Later, DEC was replaced by the Distance Education Bureau that works under UGC (University Grants Commission), based in New Delhi. The scope of distance learning became prevalent in India in 1962 with a pilot project correspondence course. Earlier than that, students attended regular colleges to get higher education. Before knowing the history of distance learning in India, students need to learn the DEC full form. The benefits of education especially distance education in India started in 1962 and led to the establishment of Delhi University’s School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education. It was the first institute established to cater to the needs of students getting education through distance learning. 

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Another DEC full form is the Department of Environmental Conservation. This department takes care of various environmental factors and comes up with different strategies for environmental changes. Some of the major issues that is looked after this department includes:

  • Air quality and climate: The department takes care of the air quality index and suggests ways to improve the AQI. Moreover, it also takes into consideration various factors that may affect the climate. 
  • Drinking water and groundwater protection: As the freshwater resources are low, the department manages the quality of underground water and makes drinking water accessible for all.
  • Waste management: It is one of the major issues in the urban environment. Managing and recycling waste is crucial to maintain the environment. 
  • Watershed management: It is a process to halt land degradation and improve the production from the land. 

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