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DA Full Form

DA full form is based on the context in which this term is used. There are two different meanings of this term: Dearness Allowance and Doctor of Arts. Know both the terms for a deeper understanding. 

DA full form is Dearness Allowance. It is a component of the salary, and some fixed percentage of the basic salary forms dearness allowance. It aims to hedge the impact of inflation. It majorly depends on the CTC of an employee. For example, if the base salary of an employee is higher, the DA component will also be higher. Currently, the DA rate is 28%. 

Types of Dearness Allowance

  • Industrial Dearness Allowance

This dearness allowance applies to employees working in public sector companies. The government has made a few changes in IDA rates. Now, the employees working in the public sector receive 5% more industrial dearness allowance than they used to receive earlier. 

  • Variable Dearness Allowance

Variable dearness allowance comes with half-yearly revisions and is applicable for central government employees. This DA rate is based on the consumer price index. 

Another DA full form is Doctor of Arts. It is a discipline-based terminal doctoral degree. It differs from a Ph.D. degree and focuses more on visual and fine arts. Fine arts are related to art and music, whereas visual arts are related to pottery, ceramics, and mosaics. This degree is offered in both online and offline modes. DA degree is crucial for everyone who wants to join academics and work as a faculty. The degree is important for disciplinary teaching and learning. While undergoing this degree, candidates at times feel the need to revisit the concepts to get a better understanding. In such times, they can get help from the lms portals. In addition, taking help from school erp software can also prove beneficial.

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