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Tips To Clear The CTET Aptitude Test – With Sample Aptitude Questions

CTET is a national-level exam, and thousands of aspirants apply for the same. However, only a small number of candidates manage to crack it. The reason is that they don’t know how to solve the aptitude questions- CTET. Therefore, we have gathered some sample aptitude questions-CTET and tips to solve the same for you.

Tips To Clear The Aptitude Questions- CTET

Tip 1: Practice

Practice is the most commonly advocated route to solve aptitude questions efficiently. Being familiar with the format and type of aptitude questions will help calm your mind and allow you to solve the questions quickly. Practicing enough aptitude questions and knowing your weaknesses will prevent candidates from making the same errors in the real test. 

Tip 2: Know your exam

It’s significant to comprehend the type and format of aptitude tests. Each exam or paper will vary and test different parameters and be of different formats. Practicing mock tests and sample papers will familiarize aspirants with the format and help develop the skills required to crack the test.

Tip 3: Know when to move on to the next question

Sometimes you will first get questions that might take you longer to crack. But practice should help you understand if a question is going to be a tough one. However, even after a minute into one question, you are still not sure about solving the question, leave it and move on to the next one. 

Generally, all aptitude questions are weighted equally, so your restricted time will probably be better spent on a question you are confident about. Only attempt the next question if you can’t see getting a solution. If you know how to solve the question, take your chances rather than starting a new question.

Sample Aptitude Questions- CTET

Q1. After getting hurt during a play activity, Rohan started crying. Seeing this, his father responded, “Don’t behave like girls; boys don’t cry.” This statement by the father (Paper 1, 2021)

(1) reflects gender stereotypes

(2) challenges gender stereotypes

(3) reduces gender bias

(4) promotes gender equality

Answer: 1

Q2. According to Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory, “Performing an act and doing something because others approves it” represents _________ stage of morality. (Paper 1, 2021)

(1) Pre-conventional 

(2) Conventional 

(3) Post-conventional 

(4) Formal conventional

Answer: 2

Q3. The best state of learning is (Paper 1, 2021)

(1) high arousal, high fear

(2) low arousal, high fear

(3) moderate arousal, no fear

(4) no arousal, no fear

Answer: 3

Q4. A number is larger than half of 100. It is more than 6 tens and less than 8 tens. The sum of its digits is 9. The tens digit is double the one digit. What is the number? (Paper 1, 2021)

(1) 72 

(2) 63 

(3) 54 

(4) 81

Answer: 2

Q5. Zone of proximal development is (Paper 2, 2021)

(1) the area between a child’s current level of independent performance and the level of performance that the child could achieve with the help of adults and more skilled peers. 

(2) a range of tasks that the child should do as per her age but cannot. 

(3) the process where two individuals who begin with different understandings arrive at a shared understanding. 

(4) the process in which children learn to perform tasks as set by the elder members in a society.

Answer: 2

Q6. The marked price of an article is ` 840. A shopkeeper gives a discount of 15% on the marked price and still makes a profit of 19%. What is the cost price of the article? (Paper 2, 2021)

(1) ` 540 

(2) ` 580 

(3) ` 600 

(4) ` 640

Answer: 3

To crack the CTET exam, candidates must be efficient in cracking the aptitude questions- CTET. Therefore, carefully go through the tips mentioned in the article and practice as many sample aptitude questions as possible.

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