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Last Minute Preparation Tips For CTET Exam

CTET, or Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is a national-level exam conducted in India by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is conducted to determine the eligibility of candidates for appointment as teachers. CTET takes place twice a year and is for teachers who want to teach from classes 1-8. The two types of CTET exams include Paper 1, and Paper 2. Paper 1 is given by the candidates who’re planning to teach from classes 1-5. Candidates who’re planning to teach from classes 5-8 appear for paper 2.  The mode of examination for the CTET is offline, and it is conducted for 150 minutes. Languages used in the test include English and Hindi. CTET is conducted in over 112 cities across India. The admit card for the exam gets released around three weeks before the date of the exam. Here are some last minute preparation tips for the CTET exam, read more.

3 Best Last Minute Preparation Tips For CTET Exam

1- Hold Deep Knowledge of the Syllabu

Since you’re in the middle of your revision session, you should have a good knowledge of the CTET exam syllabus for your chosen category. You may have already covered the majority of the material and are prepared to go over it all again during revision. You should concentrate on exam-related data such as exam dates, location, and, more crucially, which topics carry the most weight. Up-to-date information on the marking scheme will help you understand where you should focus your efforts and which topics will take up the majority of your time. Having this clarity during exam time will aid you in taking the following step in a more effective manner.

2- Have a fixed Study Routine

You must have a well-defined and fixed study schedule in order to crack the CTET exam. One of the most significant revision ideas for competitive examinations is to do this. This method will offer you an idea of how to prepare for the test in a timely manner while still allowing you to fulfill your daily tasks. By the end of the revision session, you’ll know which topics you know and which ones need additional practice. During the revision period, however, it is critical to abandon your regular schedule and create a new one dedicated entirely to revision. This schedule must be planned so that you have enough time to perform your usual activities, take mock tests, and solve prior papers, as well as time to review the contents.

3- Revise at a Glance

Most applicants may have written crucial points separately or highlighted them in their own resources during their preparation. Going over those resources during revision time will make it easier to remember the subject. You do not need to be concerned if you did not take notes during your preparation. Along with your regular review of the entire issues, have a look at the summary points that are readily available, as they will make your task easier and more effective.

The above-mentioned tips will not only help the students in acing their CTET exam preparations but will also help them in scoring good marks in the CTET exam. Explore a wide range of articles on various teaching exams like NET, HTET, APTET, etc. here.

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