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How To Get CTET Certificate – Procedure, Validity, Benefits

The Central Board of Secondary Education administers the Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) (CBSE). Many students are perplexed about how to enter the teaching profession after passing the CTET exam. Many of you have passed the test and are interested in learning how to secure a teaching job. So, today, we’ll talk about how to proceed after you’ve received your CTET certificate.

As you are all aware, a CTET certificate is the minimum requirement for employment as a teacher. So, after passing the CTET Exam, you are only eligible to work as a government teacher, though candidates can also apply for positions posted by various institutions.

Among the other teaching tests, the CTET is regarded as one of the most difficult. The CTET Test has an extremely low qualifying rate. So, if you got a decent grade, it indicates you’re one of a few thousand people with a strong chance of landing a position in a government or private school.

There are many benefits of the CTET certificate. In the article, we will shed light on the procedure to receive your CTET certificate, the validity period and the benefits that a CTET certificate bestows on the student. 

Procedure to get CTET Certificate

The candidates can acquire their CTET certificate by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Once available, CTET mark sheets and certificates can be obtained through DigiLocker.
  • Candidates will receive their DigiLocker credentials through SMS to the CBSE-registered mobile phone number.
  • Google Play is where you can get the DigiLocker app.
  • To acquire your certificate, go to Login.
  • Use the CBSE credentials to log in.
  • Log in with your registered cellphone number if you’re accessing your DigiLocker account for the first time. 
  • One Time Password will be used to verify your cellphone number (OTP). 
  • DigiLocker will then prompt you for a six-digit security PIN. 
  • Your default security PIN is your date of birth in DDMMYY format; for example, if your admission card states that you were born on October 13, 1997, your security PIN will be 131097.
  • Please email [email protected] with your registered mobile number and CTET roll number if you are unable to log in.
  • You can still get your digital certificates by signing up on DigiLocker with your Aadhaar number if you did not receive the SMS with your credentials or if you no longer have access to the mobile number registered with CBSE.
  • Click “Issued Documents” after entering the OTP.
  • Select “Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi” from the drop-down menu.
  • Download the certificate by entering your roll number.
  • Save the Digital CTET certificate on your computer for future use.

Validity of CTET Certificate

The CTET certificate for appointment shall be valid for seven years from the date of its result declaration for all categories. It is a generous time period for candidates to excel in their careers.

Benefits of CTET Certificate

The CTET, as mentioned before, is a prestigious exam that holds significant importance. Naturally, the CTET certificate is also valuable and beneficial to the career of the candidate. 

Here are some benefits of the CTET certificate: 

  • The CTET certificate is the minimal requirement for something like a national government teaching position, and it adds value to your resume.
  • Candidates with CTET certificates are eligible to apply for all National Government teaching positions, including KVS, NVS Army Teacher, ERDO, and others.
  • Candidates who do not have a CTET certificate are unable to apply for teaching positions with the Central Government.
  • Candidates with CTET certificates are eligible to apply for state and local government teaching jobs.
  • For teacher recruitment, several private institutes solely choose or give preferential treatment to CTET qualified individuals.
  • In the recruitment of Regular/Contractual teachers, many Union areas solely wanted CTET trained teachers.
  • There is a good probability of receiving a government teaching job after passing the CTET exams.

The CTET certificate, once received, should be kept safe and used to acquire the prestigious teaching jobs you have always aimed for.

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