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How to Choose the Right Coaching Institute

Thousands of aspiring teachers take the CTET exam every year, but only a few manage to crack it. Of course, it depends on the way you have prepared, but it also depends on the CTET coaching institute you select. Now, not everyone goes for CTET coaching, but if you plan to go, then make an effort to select the right coaching institute. Let’s discuss how. But before we go in-depth, let’s see what CTET is and its features.

What is CTET?

Central Teaching Eligibility Test (CTET) is one of the most sought-after exams by people aspiring to become teachers. It is organized at a national level every year by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In fact, the CTET exam is conducted twice every year to recruit eligible candidates for the position of teachers for classes 1 to 8. The CTET exam is held for two papers. The candidates who wish to teach classes from 1-5 should write Paper 1, while the candidates who wish to teach classes 6-8 will have to write Paper 2. Now, if you aspire to teach all classes from 1-8, you need to write both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

How do you choose the right CTET coaching Institute?

Here are the factors that you need to consider before choosing an institute for CTET coaching;

Coaching Staff

This is the most important criteria. The teaching staff is pivotal to your success. The marks you score will more or less depend on the teaching quality, methodologies, and topics covered by the educators. It’s best to have teaching faculties who have years of experience in preparing CTET aspirants or should be an aspirant or even someone who has already cracked the CTET exam. These teachers can share their experiences with you, predict the type of questions that will be asked and prepare you to tackle them.


The institute must be up and ready to support you at every stage of preparation. They should put maximum effort to teach well, give the necessary study materials, clear your doubts, and even help you cover the topics taught when you miss a class.


The syllabus keeps changing every few years. Sometimes, new topics are added, and at other times, the syllabus is changed completely. The CTET coaching institute should be well aware of the syllabus updates and schedule its program accordingly. Even the study materials offered should be structured and updated according to the syllabus. You need to be very particular about this factor when choosing an institute for CTET coaching because even today, there are establishments that are unaware of the syllabus updates.

Fee Structure

It is also good to analyze the fee structure before you enroll with any institute for CTET coaching. Analyze and compare the fee structures of various institutes and see if they have the capability to help you achieve your goal while meeting your budget constraints. It is also good to weigh up the services offered for the fees before you decide to choose an institute. 

Online Demo Class

There should be no room for errors while choosing your CTET coaching institute if cracking the exam is your biggest ambition. To avoid that, it is best to take a free online demo class. The objective here is to understand their teaching methods, the quality of teaching, and the expertise of faculties. You can compare the demo class of eminent CTET coaching institutions and then make a decision.

Past Record

Last but not least, check their past record. You need to check their success percentage, how many students pass the exams per year with their CTET coaching, how long they have been in this field, and coaching students for CTET exams, etc. It is also important to check with the ex-students of the institute to know more about their quality of teaching and the willingness of the faculties to assist. You can even check Google and other sites for reviews and then decide which is the right CTET coaching institute for you.

Hope you will consider these important factors before choosing the institute for CTET coaching.

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