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CTET- Best Preparation Tips

The priority of the education system in India is to provide the best education and teachers to the students. And hence there are more than 15 central and state level teaching exams conducted in India to choose and shortlist good teaching candidates, CTET is one of them. Central Eligibility Test or CTET is the national-level examination organized and conducted by CBSE. The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts this exam twice a year to determine whether the candidate is eligible for the appointment as a teacher from Class 1-8. The exam is considered to be a difficult level of exam and hence the candidates must understand the exam syllabus well in order to follow the best preparation tips. In this article, we will be talking about the best preparation tips for the CTET exam that will help you score good marks in the exam.

Let us first understand a few things about the CTET exam and it’s pattern-

  • The CTET exam is a national level exam and it is conducted to appoint teachers in the government schools.
  •  The CTET exam is conducted online in the CBT mode or Computer Based Test mode. The candidates have to go to an examination centre and appear for the exam.
  • The CTET exam’s time duration is 150 minutes and the candidates have to complete the exam within this time.
  • Approximately 135 cities are test cities for the CTET exam. Hence, a candidate can understand the level of the exam CTET is.

Since we now know enough about the CTET exam, let us understand the best preparation tips for the CTET exam. Although, different things, tips and tricks work for different people and what suits one may not suit everyone, but there are a few common and basic tips that surely work for everyone.

CTET Preparation Tips

  1. Understand the syllabus well- The first rule to win a war is to know your enemy well. Hence, to crack any exam, teaching or non-teaching, the candidates should know the exam pattern very well. They should understand the weightage of each subject and topic and make a note of it. The candidates must be thorough with the topics so that they can analyze their preparation at the last moment. Having a road map of the exam syllabus is also crucial to avoid missing preparing for any topic.
  2. Choose the right study material- Choosing the right study material is another crucial preparation tip. The candidates should make sure to research well, evaluate deeply, and then choose the right study material. Since the study material would affect a student’s preparation in the long run, they should surely choose the books or resources that do not have any misinformation or wrong knowledge.
  3. Give enough mock tests- The importance of giving mock tests is unbeatable. No matter which exam a student appears for, they should surely appear for mock tests. Giving a mock test surely helps in understanding the exam better. A candidate who has prepared for the exams can easily identify the important concepts, questions, or lessons once they start appearing for the mock test. The candidates can further work on the areas they feel needs improvement. Every year lakhs of students or toppers tell their preparation strategies in interviews, giving mock tests top their list. Hence, any candidate who needs a better understanding of the exams and is willing to improve their performance should definitely give mock tests.
  4. Have a balanced study routine- Students should maintain a study- life balance in order to stay motivated in a longer run. Preparing for exams with full dedication, concentration, and focus is not easy. But having a balanced study routine can surely help the candidates. Taking care of family, talking to friends, playing games, going for walks can actually help the candidates in preparing better for the CTET exam.
  5. Prioritize mental and physical health- Working out or meditating sometimes can actually help the candidates in increasing their concentration, focus, as well as happiness levels. While preparing for the exam, the candidates should not forget to take care of their health as their body and mind needs care too. 

We hope this article was helpful for you, stay connected to this space to read more such teaching exams related articles. Thank you and all the best!

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