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CSIR NET Previous Year Question Papers

The Council Of Scientific and Industrial Research National Eligibility Test (CSIR-NET) is conducted twice a year. This national-level examination is currently conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 

The CSIR NET is a very important examination for people looking to become lecturers in the subjects of Science and Mathematics. To clear this exam, you must create a strategy. 

One of the most common strategies recommended by toppers and experts alike is solving CSIR NET previous year question papers. If you are wondering why let us help you understand.

Benefits of solving CSIR NET previous year question papers

  • Get hands-on practice: Solving previous years’ question papers gives you hands-on practice. This will help you get used to the questions that are asked in CSIR NET previous year question papers. These question papers will help you organize your thought processes so you can be prepared for the final exam. To quickly understand the questions, practice is essential, and previous years’ question papers give you that practice. 
  • Understand the exam pattern: By solving CSIR NET previous year questions, you will understand the marking scheme, the different questions asked, and the time it takes you to solve each question. It will give direction to your preparation. You should dedicate enough time to the subjects or parts on which the maximum questions are focused.
  • Understand your strong and weak points: CSIR NET previous year question papers and practice tests act as a mirror for your preparation. They allow you to analyze your performance and give you a fair idea about your weak and strong areas. This will enable you to organize your practice and prep better so that you dedicate more time to weak areas. 
  • Increase confidence: Many candidates lack enough confidence and self-belief that they can solve the paper well and obtain good marks. By solving previous year question papers, you can build that confidence. 
  • Time management: Time management is an essential skill all candidates must possess. Practicing questions from the CSIR NET previous year question papers ensures you can get a clear idea of the time you take to solve each question. You can also find out if there’s a need to improve speed and create a better strategy. To manage time efficiently, you can use a study planner and performance management system.

Important sections in the CSIR NET question paper

The ten sections a CSIR NET question paper focuses on are:

  1. Teaching aptitude
  2. Research aptitude
  3. Reading comprehension
  4. Communication
  5. Reasoning
  6. Logical reasoning
  7. Data interpretation
  8. Information and communication technology
  9. People and environment
  10. Higher education system

Paper division: The paper is divided into three sections. Section A is common for all subjects, while sections B and C are subject-specific. 

CSIR NET previous year question papers

The previous year question papers contained a mix of important reasoning and logical questions. Below are a few important questions from each section. 


  • The problem was based on a figure. One needed to spot the number of non-square rectangles present in the same figure. 
  • A logical question is based on finding the ratio of the surface area of a cube with a side 1 cm to the total surface area of the cube. This cube is formed after breaking the original cube into two identical cubes. 
  • A problem based on finding a 7-digit number from 4 options given, which cannot be a perfect square.
  • A probability problem included a bag with 8 red balls, 10 blue balls, and 17 green balls. One needed to find the minimum number of balls that needed to be pulled out from the bag such that at least one ball of each color was obtained. 
  • A logical reasoning question based on finding the day of the week reached 61 days from a Friday. 
  • A question to find the number of total applicants in a college where each applicant can choose only one subject. The scenario given was that 1/4th of the applicants choose biology, 1/6th choose chemistry, 1/8th choose physics and 1/12th choose math. 


Part B of the paper contained subject-specific questions. Previous year questions were important and tricky. The questions tested students’ knowledge of:

  • The cleavage in centrolecithal eggs. 
  • A type of regulatory protein that can act as both a positive and negative regulator when binding to the same DNA element. 
  • Name of a sodium independent iodine/chloride transporter
  • A problem required to find the correct reaction that occurs in the Calvin-Benson cycle. 
  • An example of a lipid-soluble hormone that can interact with cell surface receptors. 
  • A question to find a false statement in the context of DNA methylation. 
  • A question to find the correct representative graph of energy change of ATP hydrolysis on Mg2+ concentration. 
  • A match-the-following question involving vitamins and the pathological conditions arising from their corresponding deficiencies. 


This section is the toughest in terms of the difficulty of questions. A few important questions from CSIR NET previous year question papers are: 

  • Selecting the right statements about listeria, a good borne pathogen and its causal organism of mild gastrointestinal symptoms. 
  • A question based on selecting the right combination of hypotheses for analysis of homeothermic protein and a double-stranded DNA. 
  • A graphical problem to find the correct statement in relation to FRAP analysis and the dynamic nature of two unrelated centrosomes’ localized GFP tagged proteins.
  • A question to find the correct statements that show a true explanation about the nervous system and action potential generated in an axon hillock. 

Tips to solve CSIR NET previous year question papers

  • Start with easy questions: Start with easy questions and then move to difficult ones. This will allow you to build your confidence and motivate you to perform better.
  • Start when you are done with the syllabus: Always start solving papers once you are thorough with the subject. This will allow you to focus on the paper better and give you a chance to build your confidence without it dwindling. Start solving them once you have a clear idea about the entire syllabus and have completely understood important concepts in the topic you are attempting. 
  • Keep papers printed and downloaded with you: To score more in the exam, have the papers downloaded and at your disposal. You can also keep a printed copy of them so you get better at writing practice and solve the papers correctly. 

Dedicate ample time to CSIR NET previous year question papers so you can improve and get the best score possible! Try Teachmint’s educational lms for better exam preparations.

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