Teaching Profession

Teaching Profession The teaching profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions in India. A teacher is a professional who works with students to help them achieve knowledge, competence, and virtue. Primary and pre-primary classes are kept informal because primary school teachers attempt… Read More »Teaching Profession

Types Of Training

Types of Training There is a requirement for training in every field, without training no one can succeed. Teachers are also required to be trained properly to teach students in the most effective ways. There are different types of training for teachers. This means that teacher… Read More »Types Of Training

Tuition Teacher

Tuition Teacher Tutoring is one-on-one academic assistance usually offered by an expert teacher with extensive knowledge or defined competence in a specific subject or combination of disciplines. A tuition teacher, often known as an academic tutor, is a person who helps or instructs one or… Read More »Tuition Teacher

Thesis Meaning

Thesis Meaning Thesis meaning is a brief statement, generally one sentence, that outlines the main point or assertion of an article, research paper, etc. It is formulated, aided, and explained in the text with the help of proof and examples. The statement of the thesis meaning… Read More »Thesis Meaning

Teacher Training College

Teacher Training College Teachers are the backbone of any country, they help the country grow by strengthening its education system. Good Teacher training college are the need of the hour as the country needs upskilled and talented teachers. Some of the amazing teacher training colleges… Read More »Teacher Training College

Teacher News

Teacher News Teachers are the backbone of any educational system. As they say, “teaching is the only profession that creates all the other professions”. Teachers guide their students to do good in life and do good in life. In order to help or guide the… Read More »Teacher News

Types Of Learning

Types Of Learning There are many types of learning that help the teachers as well as students in making the learning easy. From the various types of learning, one type is called Experiential learning. Experiential learning is the method of learning through experience and is more scarcely defined… Read More »Types Of Learning

Teaching Learning Process

It is a Combined process where a teacher assesses understanding needs, establishes particular learning objectives, formulates teaching and memorizing strategies, enforces a plan of work, and assesses the outcomes of the instruction. Teaching is the process of heeding to people’s needs, experiences and feelings and interfering… Read More »Teaching Learning Process


TKTTKT is a teaching qualification that tests the knowledge of teachers in particular fields of the English language. This course help teachers to build their confidence, it is an affordable course too. Teachers will be provided with an internationally recognized certificate. There are no formal… Read More »TKT

Teach For India

Teach For India is a non-profit campaign of leaders, it was established by Shaheen Mistri in 2009. It is a component of the Teach For All network. The Fraternity volunteers college graduates and working professionals to assist as full-time teachers in fewer income schools for two… Read More »Teach For India