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Teaching-learning materials

Teaching learning materials refer to any collection of material that includes animate and inanimate objects, human and non-human forces that teachers can use in teaching and learning situations to help achieve desired learning outcomes. Teaching learning materials can help students turn learning experiences into reality to make learning more fun, engaging, and interactive.

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These are tools used in educational activities, including positive learning and assessment. Teaching learning materials are the materials that instructors may use to carry out instruction and facilitate the achievement of a student’s educational goals. PRIMO  promotes and shares peer-reviewed learning materials created by librarians to teach people how to discover, access, and evaluate information pricing in a networked environment. In doing so, he looks at online tutorials created by thinking skills.

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The goal is to provide librarians with quality curriculum software for educational use on a wide range of topics to save time, effort, and cost. PRIMO accepts non-promotional online educational materials aimed at undergraduate or graduate audiences with a focus on quality rather than completeness. In education, teaching/learning materials (often referred to by the acronym TLM) or teaching materials refer to the range of resources and course materials that teachers can use to teach. Each teacher-created lesson should have program-specific learning objectives. Effective lesson planning will also include a clear and distinct learning sequence that children will follow to achieve their chosen goals. As part of this learning chain, teachers create learning opportunities. Teaching materials enable teachers to provide more interactive, interesting, and engaging learning activities.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology