Teaching Career

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives as well as the global economy. This has also been successful in shaking the roots of the education sector. In the light of this global crisis and subsequent national and provincial lockdowns, educational institutions like schools and… Read More »Teaching Career


If we had a penny for not following the timetable as planned each time, Jeff Bezos and Elon  Musk wouldn’t be the only person in this world with their own space agency. Let be honest and admit the fact that we all have made some… Read More »Timetable

Teacher Training

What is teacher training? To become a teacher, one should get ample enough, relevant training and guidance. These training programs cover a wide range of things like teaching skills, subject matter knowledge, microteaching, and likewise. A teacher is responsible for a child’s growth and to… Read More »Teacher Training

Theories of Learning

There are many theories of learning which teachers can easily use to improve their teaching practice. The three main schemas of learning theories include – Behaviourism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism. All theories of learning that exist fall under these three schemas. These theories are important and educators… Read More »Theories of Learning

Teacher Training Course

What is a teacher training course? To ensure that teachers are skilled enough to handle a classroom and the students, the teacher training course is of paramount importance. The teacher training course is the training given to individuals who want to make their careers in… Read More »Teacher Training Course

Teacher Synonyms

Before we set forth to understand teacher synonyms, it is important to understand the meaning of the word, teacher. A teacher is someone who shares their knowledge over a specific subject and guides students and helps them acquire knowledge pertaining to a specific skill or… Read More »Teacher Synonyms

Teaching Aptitude

Aptitude can be defined as someone’s natural ability to do something. Teaching aptitude, hence, refers to an individual’s innate ability in teaching. In addition to this, it can also be defined as the ability of a person to teach, once they are given the necessary… Read More »Teaching Aptitude

Teacher Full Form

A teacher plays multiple roles. They become influencers, motivators, role models, and whatnot! Most of us would have looked up to our teachers and if you have ever wondered what a TEACHER stands for, the answer is that there is no right answer! There’s no… Read More »Teacher Full Form


Tuition is the form of personalized teaching or coaching offered to students for a particular course study at a particular institution. It can also be defined as the amount of extra hours where the learner extends additional hours to gain proficiency in a specific topic… Read More »Tuition

Teaching Aids

Teaching aids refer to supplementary materials used by teachers for better teaching.  Teaching aids help the teachers to carry out interesting sessions for the students in a way that they can retain a maximum of their learning. The aids come in different forms; some of… Read More »Teaching Aids