Technology Literacy

Technology literacy or technological literacy refers to the ability to use, manage, understand and assess technology. It also refers to digital literacy where the user has the skills needed to use digital devices such as computers or smartphones to access the internet. The user may… Read More »Technology Literacy

Technology in Education

Technology in education is also stated as educational technology or Ed Tech. The combination of computer hardware and software with educational theory facilitates the learning of students.   Additionally, educational technology can be based on theoretical knowledge from several disciplines such as educational sociology, artificial intelligence,… Read More »Technology in Education

Technical Trainer

A technical trainer refers to a teacher who specializes in training students to develop certain skills needed to work with technology. Technical training is an umbrella term as there are many specializations within the field of technology.  Candidates can obtain technical training from fields like… Read More »Technical Trainer

Team Teaching

Team teaching refers to teaching activities carried out by a group of instructors who cooperatively work to help a set of students learn better. These groups of students can belong to any age range. The group of instructors is expected to set specific goals for… Read More »Team Teaching

Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies are the practices teachers use to engage their students in better learning. One of the most difficult tasks for a teacher is analysing the teaching strategies that will work best with their students so that they can get the most out of their… Read More »Teaching Strategies

Teaching Skills

Teaching skills refer to different direct or indirect practices or behaviours adopted by teachers to enable a better learning experience for their students. These skills may help students learn or engage in a better way.  There are a variety of teaching skills that a teacher… Read More »Teaching Skills

Teaching Methodologies

Teaching methodologies refer to a set of practices and principles used by teachers to make the process of teaching and learning highly effective for their students. Teaching methodologies, also known as teaching methods, are usually also based on various beliefs regarding the nature of the… Read More »Teaching Methodologies

Teaching License

A teaching license is necessary when it comes to allowing a candidate to legally work as a teacher in the designation area. The term teaching license is like a teaching credential, which means it allows the administration to appoint the candidate as a teacher in… Read More »Teaching License

Teaching Exam

A teaching exam is a skill test conducted by the state and national government of education to hire only skilled teachers in both central and state schools and universities. As the demand for teachers is rising in the market, more teaching exams are introduced to… Read More »Teaching Exam

Teaching Eligibility

Teaching eligibility or teaching eligibility test are similar terms that are popular worldwide. It is an exam conducted at both the national and the state level to determine if the candidate is eligible for a teaching position and has the requisite teaching skills that a… Read More »Teaching Eligibility