Number Theory

Number theory, also known as arithmetic, is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the integers and integer-valued functions. This concept is highly valued by every mathematician. The significance of number theory is evident through the statement given by German mathematician Carl… Read More »Number Theory

NIT Arunachal Pradesh

India has got some of the best colleges in the world. The National Institute of Technology is an institute of national importance that provides technical knowledge to students. Among those institutes is NIT Arunachal Pradesh which was founded in 2010 to enhance the level of… Read More »NIT Arunachal Pradesh

Notice Writing

Notice is written to make an announcement or inform people about the changes or alterations. This written information is displayed in public places to make them reach a wider audience. Moreover, they can be published in the newspapers or magazines so that many people can… Read More »Notice Writing

Norm Referenced Test

A norm referenced test is a type of test, evaluation, or assessment that provides an estimate of the position of the tested individual in a population, as compared with the trait being measured. Assigning scores for such tests can be described as marking on a… Read More »Norm Referenced Test

Null Hypothesis

In the field of inferential statistics, the null hypothesis, denoted by H0, is that two possibilities are the same. It is that the observed difference is because of chance alone. By the use of statistical tests, it is possible to calculate the likelihood that the… Read More »Null Hypothesis


NIPER stands for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. It is an institute of national importance based in Hyderabad, India. NIPER aims to foster excellence in the field of pharma education. It was established with the objective to strengthen the Indian pharma industry in… Read More »NIPER

NTSE Full Form

NTSE Full Form NTSE full form is the National Talent Search Examination. It is a national-level talent search examination conducted by the NCERT. Students qualifying for this examination are eligible for scholarships. Students of class 10th can participate in this examination which is held in… Read More »NTSE Full Form


NIFTEM stands for National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management. It is a higher education institute deemed-to-be-university that operates under the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. It offers an academic curriculum in the field of food technology and supplies that can lead to Bachelor… Read More »NIFTEM

NLP Trainer

NLP full form is Neuro-linguistic programming. It was developed in the early 1970s and is based on the premise that behavior has structure. The words that are made use of reflect the subconscious perception of our problems. In simple terms, our attitudes toward past experiences… Read More »NLP Trainer

Nursery Syllabus

Nursery is a time in a child’s life when learning goes hand in hand with them being allowed to be children. The nursery syllabus should be a perfect blend of fun and educational content, preferably the latter through the former.  Here are some of the… Read More »Nursery Syllabus