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MLA Format

If you are a student or researcher belonging to the field of humanities, you might be familiar with the term MLA format. If you aren’t, you will be, soon! As you already know, one cannot complete his/her formal education without completing their dissertation or project work. When a researcher steps into the realm of research works, they might start getting terrified of the term, as writing in MLA format can be a headache to many.

MLA has published a handbook that provides the researchers with information about framing a research paper or a dissertation. It has published multiple editions and the researchers have to follow the most recent one while preparing their work. The full form of MLA is Modern Language Association.

In order to avoid plagiarism, students and researchers cite the work they have referred to while writing their research papers. A researcher has to do in-text citations and write a bibliography based on the works they have referred to. In-text citations include information about the author and the work that has been used. Here are some basic guidelines that every researcher has to follow:

  • 12-point size should be used.
  • You may use any font that is easy to read. 
  • The entire work should be double-spaced. 
  • Should make the top, bottom, and side margins 1 inch.
  • Every paragraph’s first word needs to be indented by half an inch.

When the MLA format is followed, your bibliography page will be in alphabetical order. The information starts with the last name of the author followed by other information like the name of the article/journal/ book, the volume of the work, and page numbers used. This information is separated by a period. 

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