Education Minister Of India

The Ministry of Education is also known as ‘Ministry of Human Resources and Development’. The Education Minister of India is responsible for the right implementation of the education policy in the country. The Education Minister of India is supposed or expected to be someone responsible and development-oriented. The current education minister in India is ‘Shri Dharmendra Pradhan’. Here are a few qualities that a good education minister should surely have-

1- Since the such ministers take care of the educational sector, they should surely be well educated, knowledgeable, and qualified. Being educated would help them in understanding the concepts and right & wrong better.

2- Such candidates or individuals shall definitely be non-biased. Being biased on any level or because of any reason would not be good for all the students of the country.

3- They should be innovative and fore-sighted. They should be able to take the right decisions and make the best decisions for the betterment of the country.

4- Such candidates should definitely be responsible, and should take ownership of their actions. Their actions affect their whole country and they should take full responsibility of it.

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