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Didactics is synonymous with the term teaching. It focuses primarily on the science of instruction and teaching for a specific field of study. Didactics is the discipline that revolves around teaching.  The term didactics comes from the Greek language and it means “explaining.” Understand and… Read More »Didactics


DBL is Design Based Learning. DBL is a learning strategy in which students apply their theoretical knowledge to create something innovative or students apply it in real-life situations. This learning strategy is generally related to disciplines like architecture, engineering, and computer science. DBL helps students… Read More »DBL

IT Skills

IT has one of the best career prospects to offer to students. By developing IT skills, students can make a sound career in this field. They need to learn the skills mentioned below to understand what they can do and how they can make a… Read More »IT Skills


Research and development is the part of progress for any country. With the help of excellent research, a country can progress manifold. DRDO is the research and development wing of the Ministry of Defense that aims to improve India’s technological advancement. Its vision is to… Read More »DRDO

Degree RGPV Exam

Getting a degree is vital for every student. It not only makes them masters of a subject but also helps them gain a competitive edge. Moreover, having a degree certificate makes students more compatible with their job roles. Students can contact their colleges or universities… Read More »Degree RGPV Exam

Degree Certificate

Degree certificate is a certificate awarded by an educational institution that shows the person holding the certificate has successfully completed a course and has a knowledge of the subjects related to that course. After completing the course, every student must take their degree certificate from… Read More »Degree Certificate

Data Science Course

Data science has emerged as a multidisciplinary field that captures information based on big data. It follows various phases to cleanse the collected data and convert those raw numbers into meaning information and helps one develop an understanding of how the world works. With the… Read More »Data Science Course

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology