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Blended Learning

The style of education has greatly changed over the last few years. the influx of online education during the period of the pandemic created the new education style. It is also at this junction that the concept of blended learning started gaining preference.

But what is blended learning?

Blended learning is the merging of in-person teaching and online educational materials. It is the practice of using both elements (offline and online) for effective learning and experience. The physical presence of both the student and teacher is an essential part of this process. For example, a student attending class in a real-world classroom completes his classroom work on an online platform.

However, when asking the question of what is blended learning, it is also important to ask how connected it is to online resources.

Blended learning is the utilization of education-based software and technology, which improves the student’s outcome. This online setting where the students and teachers interact face to face is becoming more popular in recent times. This leads to a personalized approach to learning. 

This type of Learning proves to be effective and efficient, and it also helps in personalization. It is well-liked in the undergraduate courses. It is also known as mixed-mode learning or hybrid learning. The experience of blended learning may vary due to the different design and execution of the elements included. It mainly covers all learning styles and is cost-effective.

Thus, to answer the question of what is blended learning, in simple terms it can be defined as a process that utilizes the best of online and offline education. The objective remains to improve student engagement and provide them with better resource offerings.

What is Blended Learning
What is Blended Learning

How has Blended Learning Approach helped?

The blended learning approach offers flexibility in presenting the relevant content for different sections of study. It’s effectiveness was proven by research that showed students’ achievements were higher than either fully online or traditional learning. 

One of the best examples can be given for student exams. In recent times it has been found that using a blended mode exam, allows students with greater flexibility. For example if a student misses his exam due to some technicalities, Through the blended mode exam, he has the option of still continuing with the exam from the confines of their home. In this way they will not miss out on classes or exams, and will remain up to date.

Students can share relevant information about their subject topics and work with other students directly. Due to this, the collaboration between students can increase, resulting in the effective formation of groups. The students are offered to enjoy the best of both these worlds. Blended learning allows for having a richer educational experience. 

Like taking a blended mode exam, the use of a blended learning method also contributes towards keeping all the students up-to-date with the classroom work.Say, for example if any student is missing out on coming to class, they can easily have access to classroom resources as well as teaching materials from online.

In this way, each of the students are provided with an equal opportunity to prepare themselves for exams in assignments. This equality has a positive impact on the student mindset.

Benefits of Blended Learning

There are several benefits associated with the teaching method of blended learning. a few of those benefits have been explained in the section below.

  1. One of the first benefits is that it provides a greater flexibility to put the students and the Teachers.
  2. It is both a cost effective and time efficient process that has a lot of positive repercussions for the education sector.
  3. It improves communication between the students and the teachers.
  4.  It improves retention of the students in the classroom.
  5. It improves engagement.

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