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Curriculum Vitae

While applying for jobs, you will be asked to submit your CV or curriculum vitae. Curriculum vitae encompasses information about your contact details, education, experience, and skills to provide your potential employer with an overview of you. Curriculum vitae will be assessed by the employers and shortlist candidates based on their requirements. Therefore, it is important that you frame your CVs based on the job you are applying for and make a good first impression on the employer. It should be edited and reviewed based on the job description.

The term curriculum vitae is originally Latin and means “course of life”. CVs are mostly written by fresher candidates to document the achievements of their academic journey. Hence, CV generally tends to be longer and gives a detailed description of your academic career

In some countries, CVs and resume are the same and serves the same purpose. On the other hand, in some countries, CVs and resumes differ from each other in terms of their characteristics, and CVs are only used for academic purposes. You can also add information about your scholarships, fellowships, internships, etc. in your Curriculum Vitae. 

Before applying for a job, seek the help of your peers, teachers, and experienced professionals to better understand how can you perfect your CV. You can make the necessary changes accordingly.  To develop a professional CV, you can also consult several websites, draw inspiration from them, and then modify it to fit the needs of the company you are applying to. To land the job of your dreams, give yourself enough time to create the ideal curriculum vitae. Give yourself ample time to make the necessary adjustments for the position you are applying for.

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