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Cultural Studies

Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary field that makes people understand the dynamics of contemporary culture and the history of popular cultures of the world. This field considers various factors like ideology, class structures, national formations, ethnicity, gender, and generation. Cultural studies do not view culture as a rigid or stable entity; instead, it considers it a dynamic factor with changing sets of practices and processes. This field was developed by British Marxist academics in the late 1950s to 1970s. Today, this field has been transformed by various scholars from around the world. 

Cultural studies uses a variety of theories to make the topics easily understandable. It includes semiotics, Marxism, feminist theory, ethnography, social and political theory, history, philosophy, media, and art criticism to understand the issues prevalent in society. 

Issues, concepts, and approaches

One of the major concepts that has impacted cultural studies is the concept of Marxism. Some other approaches needed to understand this field include:

  • Globalization

Globalizations has helped in spreading the concept of capitalism throughout the world. In this aspect, cultural studies have generated important analyses of local sites and practices of negotiation. 

  • Cultural consumption

It negates the definition of passive consumer and dives deeper into the ways people read, receive, and interpret cultural texts and other kinds of cultural products. 

This interdisciplinary stream has emerged because of the confluence of various disciplines like media studies, communication skills, education, geography, philosophy, politics, and more. Some scholars have rejected its concepts while others believe that the analysis has helped develop the concepts of social science and humanities. Learning such subjects become more fun with an lms platform.

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