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Counselling refers to a talking session that involves a trained therapist listening to a client while providing them with emotional help. Counselling requires the therapist and client to set aside time to explore the stressful and difficult emotions that the latter is going through. The mental health of students is extremely important. Keeping this in mind, the NEP (New Educational Policy) has mandated that a counseling center must be present in every educational institution.

Students undergo a lot of stress and this affects their academics. This is why a good counseling session will help them. The students will be the clients. The therapist helps the client by providing them with a different viewpoint to see things more clearly. It helps the students in dealing with their feelings and experiences while trying to make a positive change. For successful counseling, confidentiality is paramount. In that sense, it is a relationship of trust. 

The therapist needs to be non-judgmental while giving advice. The therapist must be empathetic towards the client and not get emotionally involved. Some essential things that a therapist must do are listening carefully, asking the right questions, and providing support. 

These days various kinds of counseling take place. As they are mainly divided as per their fields, clients find it easier to connect with the right counselor or therapist. It also ensures that the counsellor is a specialist in their field. Some of the common types of counseling are Educational Counseling, Mental Health Counselling, Marriage and Family Counselling, and Rehabilitation Counseling. 

Every type of counselling holds importance. It allows people to work through their problems and lead healthier life. Counselling also helps in saving lives and in the overall growth of individuals.

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