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Connected Learning

The term Connected Learning refers to a learning technique where teachers, students, and advisors get the opportunity to participate actively. Here, a young mind gets the opportunity to pursue a personal project and link the same to his academic achievements. 

Connected learning connects personal interest to academics and learners to mentors. This is a great teaching strategy. It is a way to create meaningful learning experiences in this age of abundant information while creating personalised learning pathways for young minds. 

According to the connected learning model, students learn best when what they’re learning interests them and they have their mentors and peers with them. The achievement rates are high when the students learn what they love learning.

Six design principles of connected learning: 

  1. Interest-powered: When the top is relevant and personally interesting, learners end up achieving higher-order learning outcomes. Interests and passion are essential elements of connected learning. 
  1. Production centred: Here, the emphasis is placed on actively creating, producing, and experimenting as it promotes skills. 
  1. Peer-Supported: It relies heavily on recognition and feedback among peers. This peer culture produces learning that’s both powerful and engaging. 
  1. Shared-purpose: Unprecedented opportunities are provided by today’s social media and web-based communities to contribute to a common purpose and shared interests. 
  1. Academically-oriented: Here, the emphasis is on academic success for intellectual growth. 
  1. Openly-networked: Learning environments are linked as learners achieve their best when their learnings are supported in multiple settings. 

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