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योजक – Conjuction

योजक is a very famous concept of the Hindi language and subject. People who are not aware of the concept of योजक often ask what it means. योजक in English means Conjunction. A conjunction is an element of speech that joins words, phrases, or clauses that are known as conjunction’s conjuncts. Conjunctions are a very crucial part of speech as they help people in understanding the pauses between sentences well. Let us understand the concept of conjunctions with the help of some examples-

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These are a few commonly used conjunctions in English

  • but
  • or
  • so
  • because
  • however
  • after
  • since
  • during
  • than
  • unless
  • that
  • and
  • while

Similarly, there are various conjunctions that are used in the Hindi language as well like का, के, की.

Examples of sentences with conjunctions-

1-Ram is tall but he is not handsome.
2- Savita is good in English as well as in Hindi.
3- Ramesh likes to dance and he also likes to sing.
4- Manish is crazy about balloons because he finds them fascinating.
5- Saumya is clever since she has seen many failures in life.
6- Ramya is sweet however her sister Priya is very rude.
7- Mahima is very intelligent because her father is himself a teacher.
8- Mohan is not good at Maths but he is good in English cover letter.

Thank you and Happy Learning!

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