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Conduct Certificate

A conduct certificate is a document that showcases the behavior of an individual during a period of time in a school/university/college. It is also called a character certificate. A conduct certificate is provided to a student when they want to get admission to another institute, or in case of transfer. This certificate acts as proof that their conduct during the period of their presence in the school was good.

An employee of a company can also receive the certificate from their employer. This acts as a vital document while planning to join another company. Their conduct during their service to the company is specified by this certificate. Hence, the certificate should be sent from the office administration or HR department and signed by their manager.

The authority that offers the conduct certificate needs to be careful with their declaration in the certificate because it can have severe legal repercussions in the future. The authority should not provide the certificate recklessly. They should issue it only after thorough verification and knowledge. 

Uses of Conduct Certificate

There are several uses of this certificate, as mentioned below:

  • College/ University: It can be issued by the college or university so that the student’s records do not tarnish the university’s reputation.
  • Employment – Most companies ask for conduct certificates from their previous employers to get an idea about their conduct there. 
  • Setting up a business –Conduct certificates show that the person running the business does so honorably and displays excellent business conduct. 
  • During immigration/travel – They are almost compulsory when it comes to the visa process to make sure that the applicant has not been involved in any malevolent activities in the past and is therefore a safe citizen of the country. 

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