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Condonation is often used in the context of the judicial system. However, in the field of education, condonation refers to a fee that students have to pay if they do not have the required attendance at the end of the semester or year. Most colleges have the provision for condonation so that students can appear for the college final year exam or corresponding exit exam even in the absence of required attendance. Most colleges in India have a strict attendance mandate of 75% which all students have to comply with. 

Having good attendance makes sure that there are no huge gaps in the learning process and that the student remains in sync with the class. Condonation must be used only when there is an absolute necessity for it. An example of such an emergency would be a medical emergency. They can also be used if there are other kinds of emergencies like in the case of a student’s personal commitments. A condonation is therefore not a provision that must not be misused and hence must be used sparingly.                                               

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology