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Conclave refers to a secret meeting that used to take place between cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, but now the term is used to refer to closed-door educational spaces that discuss niche subjects. The education landscape is transforming rapidly to impart quality education to every child. At the same time, a lot of countries around the globe are embracing innovative methodologies for improving their teaching-learning processes and to nurture their young citizens as future global leaders.

With a lot of innovation happening and modern technologies evolving in the market, there is a great sense of desire in a major sector of educational organizations to improve and grow on a holistic level. The organizations and their visionary leaders who hold a conclave wish to share and understand the best and latest practices at regular intervals.

Whether it is a seminar, conference, or conclave, they come up as useful platforms that might lead to rethinking major issues or high-level policy changes. They also help stakeholders observe the innovations, latest practices, reforms, pedagogical changes, future prospects, or challenges of the education sector.

Topics that are discussed at a conclave can be anything from subject-specific topics to politics and religion – the idea is that it is on an invite-only basis.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology