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Community College

Community colleges prepare students for the workforce. Community colleges were called junior colleges in the past. They prepare both domestic and international students for entry-level jobs.  These institutions primarily provide two-year programs that prepare students to enroll in a university or college to continue their higher education. They provide a variety of course options for the students to choose from. A bachelor’s degree is not typically offered by community colleges. Community colleges instead confer associate degrees and related certificates.

A community college education prepares students to enter a university at the junior level, which means they only need two more years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes students complete their first two years of their general education in a community college and continue the rest of their education in a formal college or a university. Community colleges primarily focus on skill enhancement and workforce development and they collaborate with industries to provide training programs and internships for students.

This gives students an opportunity to be part of the real work environment and hence play a major role in developing their skills. Cultural activities and various other programs give students exposure to various life situations that enable them to improve their competencies. The learning environment of community colleges differs greatly from other colleges as students receive personalized attention and care from educators. Also, the class size in such colleges is low and hence, there is a scope for the students to learn and thrive. 

Community colleges are affordable and they provide international students with an opportunity to get accustomed to the American learning environment. They will also have the provision to improve their language skills and interact with the native student community. 

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