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Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship is a range of scholarships very popular for students who aim to go study in the UK. The Commonwealth Scholarship is majorly for students based in the Commonwealth countries like India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. The Commonwealth Scholarships can be availed for Masters or PhD or Doctorate programs. These Commonwealth Scholarships are fully funded scholarships that cover the travel expenses, tuition fees, and other allowances related to the participating universities abroad.

The process of the scholarship is a tough procedure and is only meant for deserving students who require financial assistance in their study abroad. To apply for the scholarships, candidates must submit their applications through a National Nominating agency. The first round of the scholarship recipient is done by their respective. For India, it is under the Ministry of Human Resource Department. The MHRD nominates the candidates to their next step through the British Council. Applicants must be ready with their agenda and aim to their dream university in the UK along with SOPs or work experience and LORs etc.

Commonwealth Scholarships are given to talented individuals with the potential to make a positive impact on the global stage. Students applying for these scholarships or fellowships should keep in mind that their subject or field of study should match any of the six CSC development themes, namely – Science and technology for development, Strengthening health systems and capacity, Promoting global prosperity, Strengthening global peace, security and governance, Strengthening resilience and response to crises and Access, inclusion and opportunity. 

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