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Combined Study

Students prefer different ways to study and learn new topics. However, many students consider combined study as an effective way to learn new skills and transfer knowledge. They believe that studying in this way helps them gain more knowledge on specific topics. As a result, they remain invested in studies for a long time. 

Combined study also supports collaboration among students. Some other benefits of group study include:

  • To know if you have understood a specific topic, you must share your knowledge with others. Combined study lets you discuss complex topics with other students. If a student draws a blank when someone asks them about a particular topic, it means they need to invest more time in learning.
  • When students do not understand a topic, they seek help. However, they may feel intimidated asking questions from their teachers. Group study clarifies their doubts as they can freely ask their concerns from their friends and other students.
  • If a student performs well in groups, they can opt for combined study. Many students like it when they are surrounded by like-minded students. It improves their academic and extracurricular performance.

When to avoid group studies

Students can avoid group studies when:

  • The group becomes too talkative and they deviate from studies. If students are getting distracted in group studies, not getting associated with one is the best option. 
  • Depending on the size of the study group, coordinating a place and time becomes challenging for students. If they cannot finalize a place for studying, getting indulged in self study is crucial. 

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