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College Rules

College Rules

College Rules are a must to follow in order to maintain college discipline and decorum. College refers to a specially designed space to teach the students without any interruption. Students are expected to be obedient and quiet in the college. The college also uses an adaptive learning technology method to enhance better training and education for the students. It makes it the students with the status deferred admissions easy to catch up with the course. 

In addition to the college’s formal curriculum, there is a hidden curriculum; an unintended lesson that the students learn. It is described as ‘hidden’ because it is neither acknowledged by educators nor written in any syllabus. Even though the hidden curriculum is to prepare the students for life in society beyond the class or college, it also teaches them to see life from a different perspectiveIt additionally teaches the students to be more disciplined and well-behaved in an official setup. Nowadays, virtual classes are on the rise and students are expected to be disciplined there as well.

Some college rules that every college must have are-

  1. No to bullying
  2. Respect your classmates
  3. Raising hands to speak
  4. Be silent when others are speaking
  5. Respect your teachers

Thank you so much and happy learning!


1- Whom are the college rules meant for?

Answer- College rules are meant for each and every individual who is the part of the school.

2- Does ‘no to bullying’ come under college rules?

Answer- Yes, no bullying surely comes under the college rules.

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